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How much SQ can you save for when (favorite banner here) comes around?

Fill out the form to get an estimate of how much SQ you'll have, as well as your chances of rolling the desired servant

Planning to buy SQ? Just add the planned the amount to "Currently held SQ"

Currently held SQ
Currently held tickets
Saving start date
Banner end date
Days until banner

SQ earned from various sources

Master Missions

3 SQ per week

Gained SQ

Cumulative Login

Check "Total Logins" on master profile

Total Logins
Gained SQ

Daily login

4 per week. 7 if tickets are saved

Saving tickets?
Gained SQ

Prediction-based SQ

This is for things you aren't sure about, such as holding on to shop tickets or SQ from events, promotions or maintenance

Shop tickets

How many tickets from the shop do you plan to keep per week (Shop ONLY)

Tickets per month
Effective SQ

Bond & Quests

How much SQ do you expect to gain from bond and quests. This depends largely on your personal progress, i.e. what you haven't cleared, time left, progress on bond etc.

Estimated Gain

Event, Promo & Maintenance

Expected total SQ from from events, promotions, maintenance compensation etc.

Consider how many events will run before the banner and the average gain per event

Estimated Gain

Chance to get rate-up servant/CE


By the banner you would effectively have...


Enough for summoning up to...

0 times

Missing 330 for pity (900SQ)

Your chance of getting AT LEAST one copy of a specific rate-up is...

unknown - make sure a date is set

See approximation notes for details

Approximation notes

Note that this tool makes some slight approximations in various places and isn't a 100% accurate (but very close)
In general, the master mission, cumulative & daily login and shop tickets are accurate for banners more than 1 week in the future
Bond, quest, event, promo, maintenance compensation and so on is inherently unpredictable, but you can make a conservative estimate based on past data

When doing a 11x summon, you are guaranteed a 3* or higher servant and a guaranteed 4* or higher CARD, i.e. it could be a 4* servant OR a 4* CE
The percentage shown does not reflect this guarantee, so your actual chances of getting 3*'s and 4*'s is a tiny bit higher
Note that this guarantee does NOT increase your chances of getting a 5* card